Bayo Jimoh, one fine breed, well birthed, well raised with discernment gift inspired this intervention whose stitches I have harbored by watching, over time, the guts and gains of the guy by the name Micheal Adeniyi Negwo-Omogbehin.

Bayo had done a piece that nudged the mind to the effect that Omogbehin has done half of his tenure as a member of the Green Chamber, a notice that spurred.

But for specific issues thrown up by merely electing Omogbehin as a federal lawmaker, this may not have happened in this mould. And let, in starting, the caveat be said that this treatise on the law maker does not, under any deliberate pretext qualify for hagiography or its equivalent as issues checked aren’t so much about the persona as they are about matters of mention.

Numbering since return to the fourth republic, Mike is the fourth Honourable Member elected to represent the people of Okitipupa / Irele Federal Constituency at the House of Representatives, elected during the 2015 general election on the platform of the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) and inaugurated on June 9, 2015. Half way to completing his term, tales about why and how of election at this rung would make less sense. Better is asking what he has done this far with the mandate generously done him by his constituents and the privileges of office, perhaps in so doing with less ado, some good time could be saved.

Omogbehin facilitated the employment of at least 15 youths in his constituency. Each of the years spent as a representative has seen law graduates (from his constituency) heading for the Nigerian Law School receive financial support -50 thousand naira each – for the qualifying legal education; Given annual bursary awards to four hundred and sixty (460) undergraduate students (in two years); Donated Computer sets and accessories to Ondo State University of Science and Technology (OSUSTECH),Okitipupa.

Libraries built and equipped in two schools (Okitipupa & Ajagba); Fully equipped Ambulances alongside drugs with modern medical facilities to the two constituent local government areas; Graded no fewer than 25 major roads; donated handheld scanning machine, tools and vulcanizers; Donated 22 motorcycles,12 grinding machines, 18 sewing machines and 10 generating machines to empower constituents, and built modern civic centers in igbotako and Irele respectively.

He’s part of the jointly moved motion on the need to reconnect Ondo South senatorial district to the National grid, which was jointly done by the duo; Hon. Kolade Akinjo and Hon. Mayowa Akinfolarin. He went a step further on March 7, 2017 leading a delegation of traditional rulers and consequential indigenes of his constituency to the office of the Minister of Power Works and Housing Babatunde Fasola on the same contentious electricity issue, effort which lured the minister to avow Federal Government’s intervention. Other notable bills he moved are on farmers registration act, motion on devastating erosions threatening his constituency among others.

The foregoing is feedback from Omogbehin to the constituents for whom he’s holding office in trust, blatant testimonial on the meagre he’s able to do as a member of the opposition (in minority) in the House of Representatives, in two years. However, the writer does not intend to assume qualification for judgement over this; whether or not the said efforts are worth the wherewithal is not the right of the writer but the reader’s to say.

However, in weighing this worth, there’s is the debate as to what dipsticks qualify a public officer’s works for substance, the question about the quality of work done, the timing or propriety of same. In this instance, the fellow did carefully make certain choices as reflected in the score card, such efforts as getting the scarce jobs for unemployed folks, lending his weight to training trainable youths, minding constituents’ health and striving to make life better for his people through political interventions.

This achievements – in my opinion – should be instructive for the few that care. They should leave many a soul with definite statements about a man who understands the meaning of his office and use it with the consciousness that it requires, man whose mind harbours genuine concern for the people he represents, one who is neither given to nor defined by ephemeral inclinations, and fellow with the heart for help.

Let this be added. Omogbehin must not be returned to the green chamber. But his type must return if the constituency for whom he fronts must evolve. I disagree that his predecessors have done much. If they all have, even as little as Mike did with his first half, the status of the constituency might have improved beyond what it is.

In another two years from today, the curtail shall fall on Omogbehin’s tenure. The challenge for the constituents shall however be to ensure that curtail does not fall on the pace of development, for that shall come with its frightening price. To give someone with similar qualities a mandate and progress or to give a charlatan and regress.

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