There are days I just want to let my heart out and cry till the world falls on top of my head. There are days it seems like I am not in control of my life, there are days I get to compare my life with others and I see I have nowhere to match.

There are days that I feel like I should pick up my phone to call God, or get a warm hug with my head on God’s shoulder. There are times that when I look back, I just feel I should be better than what I am, bigger, wiser, richer, smarter, more beautiful….
But you know what, that is depression. At some point in our lives, we have felt that way. Some of us were able to pull through while others are still looking for a way to get out of it. Some people seem totally helpless with thoughts that they will never get out of it. It is all good to lie to yourself, but the truth is, you can get out of that state.
Depression can be described using symptoms like feeling sad, hopeless ,guilty, and worthless. Usually, when one is depressed, making decisions is usually hard, enjoying the company of others is usually not comfortable, you feel very irritated, thoughts of suicide stroll in and out of your mind, all you want to do all day is cry, cry, cry.
Many factors can be linked to the causes of depression, some of which are
Being neglected by family and friends
Failure to actualize set goals
Death of a loved one
Financial stress
Depression could be short term or prolonged but both ways, it has negative effects on the victim. It robs a person of life, enjoyment. Slows down a person’s pace to achieve more in life, it creates a vacuum called loneliness which no one is able to fill. Makes a person lose his self- worth. Makes a person lose focus. Prolonged depression weakens a person mentally which could have effect on his physical health.
The good thing is that whatsoever has a cause, has a cure. Below are ways to break free from depression
First, know that you have every right to be happy and you deserve to be happy
Be positive and always stay positive
Don’t be too hard on yourself. When you set goals and you couldn’t accomplish them, don’t bite yourself, instead, appreciate yourself, try again, press harder, don’t give up
Let go of negative thoughts
Let go of the past
Be intentional about living. Take charge of your life. you are too precious to waste away. Make decisions and stand by them
Exercise daily. It has a way of relieving tension
Music is a drug to the soul. Take time to listen to some good music as you stay relaxed.
Don’t push people who love you away. Spend time with family and friends
During your relaxation period, read a book. It helps take the mind off negative thoughts
Know that the present is nothing like the future, the present is nothing like the past. Free your mind of all worries
Be happy, stay happy and live happy
Lastly, your life is yours, own it. Build it. Keep it

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