Tattoo, Make-Ups Are Instruments Of Hell Fire _ MFM Pastor

A popular pastor of Mountain of Fire and Miracle Ministry, and the national president of the council of concerned youth of Nigeria, (COCYON), pastor Akinrinlola Olumide, who is popularly known for his online daily article on evangelism, has again taken to the social media to describe the use of make up and making of tattoo as sins that have taken many Christians to hell fire.

According to him, anyone using make up or making tattoo on their body will not enter into Heaven if they die without repentance.

Below is the article unedited:

Tattoo and Make Up Are Instruments of Hell Fire

Pst Olumide Akinrinlola

The making of tattoo on our bodies is very wrong. God forbids People cutting their flesh to print marks on their skin. (Leviticus 19:28)

Many don’t even know that the body is carrying the temple’s of God and as human being, the spirit of God dwells in no any other place in our lives rather than our body (1cor 6:19-20)

Bible say that no unclean things, or any instruments of defilement or anything God regards as abomination will ever enter into the kingdom of God.(Rev 21:27)

The same bible also made us understand that the lust of our heart , such as painting of the mouth, painting of the face, eye lashes, and every other things that dishonour our bodies have indeed made God to give us to uncleanness. (Roman 1:24)

In Ezekiel 23 vs 40-end, God indeed described all these things as Idols and everyone using them as Idol worshipers. And everyone that worship all these things have played the harlot and committed spiritual adultery against God.

Spiritual adultery is when you forsake God and lust after foreign gods. Make up, or whatever you call it are foreign gods. And anyone that uses them are worshiping them. Such people cannot enter Heaven except they repent. Many have gone to hell because of the use of all these things.

Please repent now.. If you are guilty of all these, it shows you are a candidate of hell fire. I have told you now. Don’t say I don’t know when you are declared guilty of these things in the last day.

Please repent !

Say : Lord Jesus, I am sorry for my sin. Forgive me. (confess your sin) I accept you today as my Lord and Saviour, come into my life and remain there forever. Amen.

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