We’ve declared Yoruba sovereignty now — Prof Akintoye

Popular Yoruba Historian, Banji Akintoye alongside freedom fighter Sunday Adeyemo (Igboho) have declared the sovereignty of the Yoruba nation.

In a video circulating the social media, Akintoye and Igboho, along with some Yoruba leaders stated that the Yoruba nation could be independent and yet, thrive.

Akintoye said the most important thing for the Yoruba nation is to learn to work towards its sovereignty.

According to him, this is not a time to discuss issues surrounding restructuring, resource control or a new constitution but rather to secede from Nigeria.

He urged all Yoruba patriots to work together for the independence of the Yoruba nation, urging the young ones not to involve violence but peaceful deliberations.

“We have declared that sovereignty now but we must work together. We have just talked about what the Yoruba nation is suffering from in Nigeria. There should be no reason why we cannot all work together to extricate ourselves from this rubble that Nigeria has become.

“My advice to young people is to gather together, speak to leaders hesitating about Nigeria, there is no reason for any Yoruba person to be talking about restructuring or a new constitution or resource control, the game is up. We have seen enough of Nigeria, we have decided our status in the world today. We have moved forward, let us move smoothly without any violence, don’t fight anyone. There should be no war, we are going to have a separate Yoruba conference very soon.”


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