Why do we go into Relationships?

I was going through my chat one evening and a classmate of posted a comment on the class’ WhatsApp group page which reads “is there anything other than sex that girls have to offer guys in a relationship?.” I was pissed off by that post because, as a lady, having a guy see me not more than a sex tool is rather uncool.

Same for ladies too. When I ask some of my female acquaintances during our little chit-chat why they agree to date the guy who is pressing for a relationship out of all the guys that are disturbing them, they often make mention of having someone to take care of them. In my mind, I’m like…. Hehehe! So, he is just an “ATM”. Some would even go to the length of reading out all the things they consider an achievement, like, he has a car, he has a house, he works in an oil company, he is a lecturer, he is this, his father is this, his mother has a very big popular store for clothes in Lagos market, on and on like that. Hmmm… “status boyfriend” the way I like to call it.

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One thought on “Why do we go into Relationships?

  • May 14, 2017 at 12:03 pm

    It really speaks high volume to a number of youths today. Nice post

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