NotTooYoungToRun: Obasanjo Agrees With Fayose, Says There Should Be No Age Limit

The former President, Olusegun Obasanjo is speaking unanimously in support to what the Ekiti state Governor Ayodele Fayose had earlier pointed out to the Senate on the much-talked about NotTooYoungToRun Bill.

Shortly, after the Nigerian Senate passed the NotTooYoungToRun bill, placing the age limit for Presidency at 30 and Governorship at 25, Governor Fayose reacted to the goodwill of the legislature but faulted it partly.

He stated that there should not be any age barrier as long as any Nigerian can vote at age 18, such should be able to be voted for as well at any level.

Speaking as the Guest speaker at the exposition series tagged, “God in my life,” organised by the Torchbearer Society of Archbishop Vining Memorial Church Cathedral, Ikeja, Lagos state, yesterday, Sunday, the ex-president Obasanjo reiterated almost the same opinion with his contender, Fayose.

He said that anyone should be allowed to lead the country no matter the
age, as long as the citizens chose the person.

To digress a bit, Fayose is vehemently speaking against the aged leader, Obasanjo, describing him as an Elder who should not be respected in the history of Nigerian politics.

However, citing the example earlier opined by the incumbent Governor of Ekiti state, Obasanjo further mentioned that Gen. Yakubu Gowon, who became
military Head of State at the age of 33. He suggested that no barrier should be allowed in the bill but if at all, then the maximum age limit should be as well included.

“Quite frankly, if we put minimum age, why are we not putting maximum age? If they put minimum age and then say that
even if you are 90, you can be president, because there is no age limit to being president.

“To me, there should be no age limit. Gen. Gowon (retd.) became the Head of State at the age of 33, I became the Head of State at 39.

“I believe there should be no age limit; let the people decide,” Obasanjo was quoted.

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