Heart breaks are worse than a blow in the face. They are like skin melting apart but not visible to the eyes.

Heart breaks are sometimes justifiable in instances where both people in the relationship understand that they are not compatible due to personal, cultural, religious beliefs and sometimes biological factors which has to do with one’s genotype, health history and family background.

Other times, heart breaks occur in a relationship when one person in the relationship sees himself at a disadvantage in the relationship.

having too much expectations from one’s partner can lead to frustration and therefore heartbreaks.

There is always a crucial need for partners to communicate in their relationship. when people fail to communicate their fears, their challenges in the relationship, their disappointments, their happiness, their achievements, their rewards and other good stuffs they have been able to get in the relationship, they create a distance which is sometimes emotional and this distance leads to breakup with time.

Trust is a very important factor in a relationship. Trust is that strong belief, an assurance that you have in your partner. It is the ability to hold them for their words. When trust is lost, there will be an emotional breakdown and this leads to destruction of a happy relationship.

Breakups, though painful, are necessary sometimes.

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