Magu’s Case: What Dino Melaye Said Against Presidency [Read]

The controversial Senator Dino of Kogi Central is hitting the media again with his eloquence and resonant speech.

The Senator with a favorite quote of. ‘if you lie, you die; if you speak the truth, you die” decided to speak to speak the truth. According to him in yesterday’s plenary session of National Assembly.

He called on the Senate President to question the activities of the executive arm of government, over the continued refusal of the Presidency to sack Ibrahim Magu as the Acting Chairman of Economic and Financial Crimes Commission, EFCC.

He said:

“It’s time for the executive arm of government to stop playing blues and dance reggae. It is time to stop approbating and reprobating’

“This republic that our founding forefathers like Olusola Saraki, Wabarra fought for is about to be completely desoiled.”

He charged the Senate President, Bukola Saraki to protect the power of the legislative arm of the Nigerian government.

He partly said:

“May it not be in the time of Saraki that the power of the Senate is being eroded.”

“Enough of bojuboju presentations.”

“It’s time for the senate to act.”

“The integrity of Senate is oppressed.”

“I hereby move a motion that it becomes abominable for the Senate to read another letter of confirmation from the presidency, until the Presidency makes the powers of the Senate be recognized.”

“The inconsistency of the executive to choose what to do, despite legislators’ rejection should be checked.
The Senate cannot be disregarded or insulted”, Melaye emphasized.

“Magu is not  the last Nigerian Angel”, he ended on the case of Acting Chairman of EFCC, Ibrahim Magu.

In the video posted on the Nigerian Senate page this morning on Facebook, various people however reacted to Melaye’s submissions. Some condemned the senator while some others celebrated him for his ability to voice out against the presidency.

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