Ondo2020: Why I’m sure of Ousting Akeredolu – APC Guber Aspirant, Egunjobi

Mr. Egunjobi Adeyinka is an Aspirant for the Governorship seat in the October 10 election scheduled to hold in Ondo state later this Year. In this interview with Israel Fagbemigun of Nigerian Cable news online, he spoke about his conviction on his plans and chances of defeating governor Rotimi Akeredolu in the Party primary election.


Can we meet you sir…

My name is Egunjobi Adeyinka, Popularly known as Sileto. I was born in Ìkàré Àkókò, in Àkókò north east local government area of Ondo state.
I attended Local Authority(L.A) Ikado primary school in Okela, Ìkàré, Army children school, 82 division Enugu and Nine brigade primary school, military cantonment, Ikeja, Lagos State. My leadership potential was spotted early in life as I was made the assistant head boy due primarily to my brilliance and leadership qualities.

I proceeded to Army children high school, military cantonment Ikeja and rounded it off at Ansar-ud-deen comprehensive college Ota where I graduated in 1996 as the assistant senior prefect.
I was also the president of Junior Engineers Technicians and Scientists club (Jets). I represented my school in various competitions and was amongst the best 32 students scientists in Ogun state I the year 1996.

I gained admission to pursue a degree in microbiology from the prestigious Obafemi Awolowo University Ilé-Ife. While at OAU, I was elected and nominated into various political offices where I performed excellently.
I was elected a member of the University student representative council, the parliamentary arm of the student union government. I was also elected secretary General of Adekunle Fajuyi hall, secretary General drug free club. I was an active member of National associations of Ondo state student Obafemi Awolowo University chapter. Due to my uprightness, fairness and sense of justice, I was made chairman, Faculty of science electoral committee, and also as a member department of microbiology electoral committee.

Despite my various activities in the university, I graduated with honors.
I was posted to Ayamelum local government area of Anambra state for my mandatory national youth service. Like the proverbial golden fish, I was elected president corps welfare Committee by my colleagues, due primarily to my outstanding leadership qualities, sense of duty, Integrity and love for service.

Thereafter, I was at covenant University Ota, where Bagged an MSc degree in medical microbiology.
I am a member of various professionals bodies. I holds a certificate in leadership from African leadership development center and in journalism from Timbuktu media in Lagos.

I am a progressive to the core, I am a member of a progressive party right from 1999, when it was AD and through the metamorphosis into AC, ACN and APC.
I have worked in various establishment and held several senior sensitive positions where I left indelible marks of service. I am an entrepreneur and a job creator. I run a thriving company in the area of sales of medical diagnostic equipment and also involves in the running of cutting edge medical diagnostic services.

I am a loving family man, married with children. A devout Christian, a sport enthusiasts, a philanthropist and a patron of many charitable organization.

Why do you want to be the next Governor of Ondo state?

The State had been very unfortunate presently. It does not deserve such awful treatment. Hence , my readiness to sacrifice my youthful energy, resources, and dreams for the development and uplifting of the state from strictly agrirarian and civil servants’ state to modern industrialised and investors friendly state.

The good people of our dear state are looking for a young, vibrant, unpolluted, incorruptible and a purposeful leader to be their Governor. All these aspirations can be realized through me. I have what it requires to take Ondo state out of it’s sleeping mode into a more prosperous state. I am ready to use my youthful energy, enthusiasm, strength and mental alertness to make Ondo state better for all of us. I am old enough, educated enough, experienced enough, prepared and very ready to be the Governor of Ondo state come year 2020. So shall it be in the name of the Lord. Amen.

My ambition is divinely ordained and for this purpose I was born, It is a divine call to serve and I am determined to serve the good people of our dear state to the best of my abilities.

As a private citizen, I have done a lot to alleviate the suffering of our people, but Government remain the only platform to reach the greatest number of people.

It is disheartening in this country that we no longer develop our youth, we don’t give them opportunities to show case their talents. God willing when I become the Governor of Ondo state, I will make use of the energy, the enthusiasm, the intellectual and the physical abilities of the youth to drive our industrial, agricultural and entrainment revolution to create jobs for our teeming population. I am ready to serve my people and to bring about a rapid socio- economic development to our dear state

What are your chances of getting your Party ticket?

The holy Bible says “I returned and saw under the sun, that the RACE is not to the swift, nor the BATTLE to the strong, neither BREAD to the wise, nor yet FAVOUR to the men of skill, but TIME and Chance happeneth to them all”

The above quote under scores the fact, that it is only God that gives power and he give it to whomever he wishes.
My chance is very bright indeed. The whole citizenry are disenchanted with the unsatisfactory development in the state. There is a total breakdown of trust between the people and the government in power.

Politically, the state is polarized into various factions. The governor faction is in the clear minority. Most of our loyal party men/women are in opposition against their own party, little wonder APC lost the presidential election in Ondo state, lost 2 out of the 3 senators and lost 6 out of the 9 house of representative member. Ours is a mass movement of the people against the under performing government in power. Our chances are bright, and we are determine to give it all our best efforts. I am a unifying factor representing the aggrieved aspirants and the forgotten members of the party which form the grassroots and are the party pillars.

We have our structure in all the local governments and wards in the state. We have the support of the people and God is on our side. We are constantly engaging our people and I represent a better alternative to the authoritarian regime of the Governor. My ambitious is divinely ordained and for this purpose I was born, therefore, no mortal born of a woman can say no, when God has decreed yes.

If the incumbent feels he has delivered on his promises and the people are happy with him, that means his feedback mechanisms is faulty. My chance is very bright indeed. The vast majority of the people of the state are disenchanted with the unsatisfactory level of development in the state. There is a total breakdown of trust between the people and the government in power. The election will be a referendum on the incumbent as he’s spent already and will be easily discarded for ample evident non performance reasons.

If given the chance to govern, what will you do different from what presently obtains in the state governance?

Our state is blessed with massive human capital in all sphere of human endeavors. Our professional will be engage appropriately and round pegs will be put in round holes.

We will ease the way of doing business in our state by proving and enabling business enviroment. Ondo State will become a one stop shop for direct foreign investment. We will provide and prioritize security of life and property and make our state safe for doing business. We will improve and expand on our existing infrastructure.

We will open up the rural area, through massive rural-urban road construction. We will empower our farmers by assisting them with mechanized tools, improve seedling, fertilizers and access to agricultural experts. We will create agro allied Industrial revolution by creating massive jobs through agriculture and agro allied industries.

We will empower the youth by harnessing their potential through talent discovering, talent hornting and talent support in entrainment, sports, education and creativity. Our market women will be assisted in accessing loans to expand and grow their business
We will stimulate small, medium scales enterprise, like the artisans, welder, market women, and emerging entrepreneurs by offering them all the necessary backing needed to succeed. Our hospitals will be upgraded, our medical personnel will be trained. We will collaborate with doctors from Indian In Specific medical field like urology, thereby turning our state into health tourism destinations. We will explore creative means of improving our internal revenue generations without over burden our people. We will create industrial cluster in the three senatorial zones of the state for the rapid development of our state.

I will bring on board a breath of fresh air and a radical departure from every wrong of the past.

I will ensure Ondo state becomes the destination of choice for both local and foreign investors. I will simplify the ease of doing business in our state by deploying technology and retraining of our civil-service to guarantee prompt and quality service delivery. Security of life and properties will be given the topmost priority it deserves by engaging the locals, deployment of technology and provisions of necessary weapons and motivations of security personnel.

I will harness the energy of our youth, their enthusiasm, intellectual and physical abilities to drive our industrial, agricultural, entertainment and sport revolution to create massive jobs for our teeming population.

Programs, such as youth talent discovery, talent hornting and harnessing will be vigorously pursue in all area of human endeavors. Our market woman will be organize into cooperatives for easy access to interest free revolving loans to support and expand their businesses. For the elderly a social security will be provided.

Our educational system will become more functional and tailored to the needs of 21st century problems and challenges. Existing infrastructure will be upgraded, teachers and non teaching staff welfare will be attention. Technical and vocational education will be accorded the priority its deserved. Education will become affordable for all.

Ondo state will become a hub for medical tourism in Nigeria, our health institutions will be upgraded, medical professionals will be retrained and their comfort will be well taken care of. Alternative medicine will be regulated and encouraged by my administration.

Rural communities will be connected to the urban centre’s through good roads network and provisions of basic social amenities. Food security will be given top priority. We shall create massive jobs opportunities through agriculture and agro-allied Industries. Our farmers will be expose to modern farming technique and experts, improve seedlings and fertilizer. land will be available for agricultural purposes. We will deploy technology in our revenue generation by blocking leakages and we will encourage more of our people to pay their by taxes. As a government, we will be prudent in the management of our common resources in our care for the good of all

I have a very comprehensive youth employment master plan that I’m sure will engage 100% of the unemployed and the underemployed within my first one year in government. Youths in the state will be mobilized,trained and employed in gainful employment either by government, private ,or self . Industries, Agriculture, Commerce , Tourism, Entertainment and lots more will absorb them . Ondo State has all it will take from the coast to northernmost part to be the best developed part of Africa. The youths employment and their overall development in all spheres is one of our topmost agenda to skyrocket the state to where it rightly belongs.
Education will be given the priority it deserves. Our major industries in Ondo state is education. My administration will guaranty a functional practical and affordable education for all. Teachers welfare will be given a priority. Educational Infrastructure will be upgraded to meet international standards. Technical and vocational education will be advocated and supported.

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