Ikubese blasts Soludo over Prophet Odumeje’s Church demolition, Assault

Former Presidential aspirant and convener of the #YesWeFit revolutionary movement, Dr. Thomas-Wilson Ikubese has criticized the approach of the governor Soludo led government of Anambra state in demolishing the Prophet Chukwuemeka Ohanaemere’s Mountain of Holy Ghost Intervention Delivery Ministry church in the state.

A viral video on different platforms of the social media had on Thursday shown how the church was being demolished, and it’s spiritual head slapped and rough-handled severally.

According to the Anambra government, the structure was marked since April 2022 and the owner was served notice to remove the structure.

However, Ikubese is statement title ‘INDABOSKING SOLUDO!’ said the governor should have been more diplomatic in his approach to the demolition exercise, while equally condemning the assault melted on the cleric by law enforcement agents.

below is the statement unedited:


By Thomas-Wilson Ikubese

It’s no longer news that the Mountain of Holy Ghost Intervention Delivery Ministry of Prophet Chukwuemeka Ohanaemere, a.k.a Odumeje was partly demolished on the instruction of the Anambra state government

Prophet Odumeje claimed that the building was duly approved by the Anambra state government

Is this true?

If the building was approved, why was approval given if the land is sitting on a drainage channels?

If the building was not approved, where was the Anambra state government, when the construction was going on?

Let’s assume for once that government agencies from previous administrations were compromised and looked the other way while these buildings were erected, what happens to dialogue and compensation for those with documents?

Prof Soludo said that in April, the affected landlords were served two weeks’ notice to remove their structures in line with Onitsha Urban Renewal Plan spearheaded by his administration.

What if Mr Governor invite these people to his office for a tete-a-tete?

I leant that the several efforts made by Odumeje to see Mr Governor after receiving the demolition notice were rebuffed

I love Governor Soludo for his pragmatism and want him to succeed, but I don’t want him to make unnecessary enemies for himself

True, you can’t but step on toes if government must make progress. Yet, you can soothen the bruises of the injured and earn their support in executing government policies

I’m also not comfortable with the way Prophet Odumeje was rough handled by members of the task force that came to effect the demolition.

There was no basis for the several slaps that were landed on the face of the cleric who was protesting the action of the task force.

Many believe that but for the resilience put up by “Indaboski”, the auditorium would have been demolished!

That Prof Soludo issued a statement through his Chief Press Secretary Christian Aburime shortly after the incident admitting to authorizing the demolition, without condemning the assault on the person of Prophet Odumeje leaves much to be desired.

While government agencies carry out their statutory responsibilities, the right of citizens must be respected.

I have no doubt that Prof Soludo wants the best for Anambra state. He must however deploy diplomacy in executing his vision.

After all, diplomacy has been described as the ability to tell someone to go to hell…and the person looks forward to the journey!

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