2019 Election: ‘Behave Yourself If You Don’t Want Nigeria To Crash’ – Arewa Warns Buhari

The Arewa Consultative Forum has sternly warned President Muhammadu Buhari against a second bid to run for the office in 2019 except he wants Nigeria to fall apart.

Speaking with SUN newspaper yesterday, the Secretary of the Arewa Consultative Forum and member of the National Executive Committee, NEC, Alhaji Mohammed Abdulrahman stated that Buhari became President as a result of alliance with Southwest, having lost woefully on three consecutive occasions.

He however maintained that it will only be fair if the North doesn’t attempt to cling unto power for yet another time as such could cause chaos within the nation.

“We must not lose sight of the fact that it was an alliance that brought him in.

“The North and Buhari must get serious and behave themselves. Nigeria does not belong to the North because if you maintain the position, grandstanding that the North is powerful in Nigeria, you are wasting your time and Nigeria would collapse and crash.

“Why is the North asking for eight years? It is because of incapability to put in a leader. After Buhari, the best is Buhari. I am telling you now; go and write it down.

“The best the North can ever offer is Buhari. He failed three times woefully until the South West came and they had an alliance. Why are they trying to abuse that alliance?

“Four years is enough for the North. Let us respect each other”, he stressed.

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  • October 15, 2017 at 7:26 pm

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