Why you can Never love Anyone at first sight

Love at first sight?
In recent and past times, I have had guys walk up to me to say “hello pretty, I want to be your friend. Mere seeing you for the first time, I have fallen in love with you.”
When I was much younger, I lacked exposure. I was almost always inside my father’s house, less friends, I only had to deal with those things I heard my mom tell my elder sister while she was growing up. I don’t consider them as lies though, but really, growing up to know that when a guy compliments you, it might not necessarily be for sexual purposes, some guys are just nice enough to give compliments and go their own way. I’m sure you are beginning to figure out those things that are seen as more of traditional beliefs that every mother must pass down to her daughter. The very common one which I heard a 21st century woman tell her daughter when she started her menstrual period was, “if a man should touch you, you will get pregnant and I’m like…. With my eyes rolled up and my lips spread out like I want to smile… God will epp us – I was like my mom said I should not talk to strangers with a frown on my face like an orange that is beginning to shrink.
I learnt to be very harsh on guys. I should insult them, tell them how useless and worthless they could be if they don’t stop chasing girls (wait o, is it my business or am I a fortune teller? Mehn! Those are very unnecessary).

As I grew older, I learnt to handle issues like this with more maturity. You might want to know how, just keep following. As a student of sociology and anthropology, I took a course on “Family”. Part of the issues raised during the a session of the course was LOVE, DATING AND MARRIAGE. When discussing on love, the lecturer asked if there was anything like love at first sight. So many people gave their opinion. Some were on the YES side, some were neutral, while others gave their answers as NO. so many people never had reasons for their answers they just had an opinion which their mind was cool with. But really, is there anything like love at first sight, like you are beginning to ask yourself now. The big answer is NO! hope that wasn’t too hard, but it is the sincere truth. No love at first sight.
You can only be attracted to a person mere seeing the person for the very first time. Attraction is solely based on appearance and personality. Some ladies are just so blessed of God that their facial structure could put a smile on the face of a baby. They can like to be so fine ehn! I admire ladies too o as a lady. I wonder why a guy would not be attracted to a lady who God has blessed with cute small lips, some have big eye balls while some could be really tiny like “chinco”. Some girls really have nice bodies, like when you say figure 8, hour glass shape like “God is good”. As ladies, we are also attracted to guys too at first sight. Take for example, myself. I like guys who are very good dressers, coupled with some amazing height and a cute face with some flat lips(I’m only being sincere here, not like I’m a bad girl… *winks*). Other ladies have what they fall for on seeing a guy for the first time. You could share yours with me later. I like guys with confidence and charisma. You might like other personality traits, that is why we are individuals….
Like I was making clarifications earlier, you can only be attracted to a person at first sight. Attraction is a feeling usually confused as love. Attraction prompts you to want to spend more time with who you have this feeling towards, it makes to hunger for more of the person’s attention, it makes you to feel different around and with whom you have these feelings for. Attraction then develops as you spend more time with this person in particular, talk more with this person, create time to hang out, go to the movies, evening dates, lunch, breakfast, giving compliments and so on, into love. You can’t love someone who you don’t know. If you don’t know how terrible my character is( that is just an example) and you say you love me, that is a lie o my brother. The more you get to know people the more you feelings and attractions tends to grow. It could either appreciate which will prompt you to want to stay or remain friends or take a step further to be more than a friend, or it could depreciate into you wanting to back off from such person because you notice some things you actually don’t like about the person and you just can’t live with it. So dear friends, don’t let anyone deceive you that they already love you meeting you for the very first time.
To be continued in our next series

Written by Salami Opeyemi

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    Great write-up here, I’m tempted to agree

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