Urhobos Turn Back On Biafrans, Ignores Kanu’s Agitations

The President General of Urhobo Progress Union, UPU, Worldwide, Olorogun Moses Taiga has outrightly dissociated the nation from any connection from the Biafrans, which Nnamdi Kanu’s heads.

Nnamdi Kanu had earlier named Igbo communities with the states that will secede with Biafra when successful but Taiga gave his words to Vanguard to reveal that the urhobos do not share any Sympathy with Biafrans.

Invalidating Kanu’s claims, he said:

“I take the position of the Southern Leaders Forum that some of those
statements are for negotiations.

“We the Urhobo Nation know we are not even neighbours to some of those people who said we are part of them.”

“We have the Ijaw to the west, we have the Edo to the north, and we have the Anioma to the northeast, so there is nothing that binds us.

“The Youngman, Nnamdi Kanu lives in England and makes all sorts of claims. The Southern Leaders Forum said any attack on any party of the South is an attack against the whole South, so we do not intend to select any nation in the whole of the South for special attack.”

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