The Untold Story Of OAU SU Excos Dirty Combat

The Obafemi Awolowo University Students’ Union President, Oyekan Ibukun has responded to the reported physical combat between two of his executive members.

On the evening of the Tuesday, September 5, the Director of Socials, Adedayo Afolabi popularly known as Lamba and the Vice President, Jacob Tosin also known as Emerald, were said to be engaged in a physical combat that landed both in the University’s health centre during their Central Executive Council meeting inside the office of Oyewo Ibukun, the union president.

The fight was said to have erupted from a disagreement over the disbursement of backlog funds received from the university management.

The SU President denied the bloody combat but described what ensued as a mere argument noting it to be usual in union meeting before deliberations are reached.

“We were only discussing union matters that led to mere argument between the union leaders In meetings, we argue to tell ourselves the truth even when it hurts. So, both leaders were only telling one another what the other wasn’t doing well in office but this was later resolved” he stated.

The Public Relations Officer, Okediji Simon also declined further talk after stating the case was a ‘mere altercation’ that was swiftly resolved before any unnecessary escalation.

On the contrary, one of the victims, Lamba who is receiving treatment at a private residential apartment after sustaining cut on his arm confirmed his fight with the Vice-President.

On his part, he mentioned that his attempt to stop the aggrieved Vice President from leaving the meeting over Budget issue unsatisfactory to her earned him rounds of slap before breaking of bottles got invited.

Lamba spoke on the case as he was quoted to have said this:

“We were discussing budget issues that seems not to be in her favour before the fight started because she was about to leave angrily.

“I stood by the front door in a bid to implore her to stay behind since we had not finished deliberations but she gave me multiple slaps instead. She broke a bottle picked from somewhere and cut me with it”, Lamba mentioned.

Omisakin Kehinde, Financial Secretary also buttressed on what transpired between duo that resulted in the unpalatable incident.

“The Management had just granted the union a backlog fund for the purchase of our second bus but we decided not buy another bus and use the fund for other projects.

At the meeting, we agreed to establish a relaxation garden and build a library but discarded financing the freshers’ package suggested by the Vice-President since that was already contained in her 1.4 million proposed budget which would be funded on a later time”, he established.

He continued by noting that the Vice-President got furious by the refusal of other leaders to welcome her idea made an attempt to leave the room in annoyance but got interrupted by the Director of Socials.

“In what looked like a joke at first, she smashed the bottle she had picked on the President’s fridge and charged her opponent with it while he was trying to stop her from leaving angrily.

“The other head-butted the armed lady to acquire the broken bottle to himself.”

Other union leaders were said to have flew the tensed room after the fight got rough, making it obvious for students around to notice that a fight had erupted. 

Attempt to reach Vice-President to hear her part of the story was unsuccessful as her mobile phone was answered by a friend in the hospital.

The friend who simply identified self as Tolu noted that Tosin had sustained multiple injuries and was still receiving treatment at Seventh Day Adventist Hospital as at the time of report on September 7, a day after the fight.

“She is not feeling well. She was just referred here ( Seventh Day Adventist) this morning from the University Health Centre.

‘She sustained injuries and cannot even lift her left hand well’, Tolu responded to question on Emerald’s health condition.

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