Osun Cabinet; The Christmas pen of Aregbesola! _ By Abidoye Olatunji(Free Mandate)

I didn’t see what those with the gifts of clairvoyance saw when Ogbeni sent a list of 39 cabinet members to the State House of Assembly, until yesterday.

Osun must have either won a ‘foreign jackpot’ or another loan on the horizon- when what ought to have been a low-key inauguration turned to a political jamboree; Ministries were expanded and dished out like Christmas pudding. Indeed, Aregbesola is generous. Appointing 22 Commissioners in an economy surrounded with smokes of recession is an eloquent testimony to his political generosity.

However, the political message that can’t be over emphasised in the appointment of 22 Commissioners is, his (Ogbeni) preparedness and resolve to go to any length, level any hill, battle any friend, demolish any foe who stands or may stand in his way to anoint, and install a successor in 2018.

But the question is, what would be the fate of a boxer who goes into the ring minutes after being knifed by his wife? I asked this question from a vantage position; because,  I see an ‘Ogbeni’ who will have been severely knifed by foes and supposed friends before 2018.

Someone even told me Ede got six Commissioners, what was that: to compensate the town for the painful demise of its illustrious son and a charismatic politician or a deliberate political calculus to spite, and weaken the most vocal, vociferous political bloc loyal to a fault to the late Senator Adeleke?

Oh my God! Nurudeen Ademola Taoheed Samorano called me up last night, I supposed he forgot to inform me that Hon Iyidiat Babalola is now the Commissioner for Economic Matters. Though I’m not good at guessing, I think her elevation from SA to Commissioner was more of a compensation and buffer solution to the “Maximum shishi” (Apology to non-Great Ife readers) she received from an angry mob at the residence of the late Senator. In the words of Dino; “Ajekun Iya Ni O Je”X3

WOW! Bola Ilori is now the Commissioner for Regional Integration in the State of Osun, a government controlled by APC. This is interesting! My principal concern however is how the National Secretariat of our party and governor Rotimi Akeredolu received the breaking news. Will Akeredolu open his doors for uncle Bola ostensibly for regional integration discussions? Time will tell!

If you ask him, he would tell you his ‘dream’ has finally come into a reality- Bashiru Ajibola ( Dr. Before he sues me for omission, besides I have a brother who got it by merit, dint of hard work and Federal government scholarship) the lance in the struggle against ‘Home base politicians’ had his eyes on the state Attorney General from day one but couldn’t get it until now due to unavoidable legal encumbrance.

Now that he has been appointed the Commissioner for Justice, Barrister Ajibola should tread with caution in Ministry of Justice and treat members of Osun state NBA with deference. Osun is blessed with arrays of brilliant and sound lawyers whose legal and political intellects can’t be overshadowed by political braggadocio. Ministry of Justice can’t be successfully managed by a ‘political braggart’.

Good Luck!

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