Ondo: Appraising Akeredolu’s 100 Days in Office 

As the Government of Governor Rotimi Akeredolu turns 100 days on Sunday, 4th  June,  residents and political actors in Ondo state have given individual assessments of his stewardship and performance in various sectors of governance from inception till date. 

Here are some of the Opinions as captured by NIGERIAN CABLE NEWS;

According to  Hon. Yinka Alabi, A former commissioner for women affairs said, ‘The only thing i have seen Arakunrin done in the last 100 days has been the payment of salaries in Ondo state. The workers deserve their wages though. Let him also embark on developmental  projects, improved infrastructure, pay attention to our dilapidated roads – that has been so inaccessible, tackle youths unemployment, women and youths empowerment programmes, make Ondo state self sufficient  by developing our coastal areas, diversify through agriculture, improved IGR, etc. We hope to experience a better Ondo state.’

However, a former chairman of Ilaje local government and Present Publicity Secretary of the People’s Democratic Party(PDP) in Ondo state, Hon. Banji Okunomo posited thus;

“Well, it may be too early to judge the new government on the basis of performance. But I think it is important to tell them to stop celebrating salary payment on the pages of the news paper, particularly when the payment is not holistic. It is no good enough to pay some workers without paying the rest, and still roll out drums in celebration. 

Again, many sectors of government are in a state of ‘stand still’. Nothing new is happening for good. The Governor must always remember that much is expected of him & his government, and always work towards ameliorate the ravaging poverty in our land.”

Furthermore, Hon. Barr. Hemeed O. Faleyimu, a Special Assistant to the Immediate Past Governor opined thus;

 “The government of Arakunrin Rotimi Akeredolu in Ondo State is already a 100 days old, but it’s my belief also that it’s enough period that one can use to take a peep into what lies ahead. So far, while I may not start to blame Arakunrin for his apparently nothing to show so far as a record of achievements so far for now, I also will be quick to say that even at this, I am yet to also see any thing of indication; either by way of action plans or road map, or even body language as the case may be, to indicate seriously enough any goodies laying ahead.”

He went further;  “So far, it’s been admixture of some dull moments and concerned flashes of critical and trying times ahead. In the specifics, as we speak the state is yet to have a budget whose year is half gone by. This can not be a good sign for any good economic engagements in the state. 

Again, Mrs. Oluwatoyin Adegbenro, A civil servant in the teaching service commission of the state opined thus;
As a civil servant, i can say that his prompt payment of salary makes Ondo State workers beam with smiles, at least, one has an assurance of being paid one’s salary at the end of the month. This has also given rise to an increase in commercial activities of the state, because of its multiplier effect on every other sector.

The southern senatorial district promises to be a beehive of activities in this administration, and a great money spinner for the state. The state has the longest and deepest coastline in the country, and in its 100 days, this government has put plans in motion to tap into this abandoned goldmine.

All in all, the government needs to consolidate on its positive steps so far taken, find ways of increasing the state’s IGR, pay the backlog of salaries owed civil servants, make agriculture a mainstay, continue to give the primary and secondary school pupils free, but qualitative education, take maternal and neonatal health care seriously, and having a successful tenure will definitely come easy.

In the youth front, Ajayi Oluwasegunota, a foremost youth leader and social media influencer in Ondo state also said the government is yet to get it’s footsteps. 

‘ it is audible to the deaf and crystal clear to the blind that the government is yet to set it’s foot on the ground. It’s pathetic that a government that came in with that huge plans and under the leadership of someone who has once contested to be Governor four years ago, is yet to have viable roadmaps and policies for the state. 

The government has been in disarray for obvious reasons, ranging from how the government started by sowing seeds of political discord among the assembly members. Leading to a long time and unproductive stagnancy in affairs of things. Especially perusing and signing of budget. Meanwhile, we hadn’t heard anything about the budget from the executive arm not to talk of releasing it to the Assembly.

Credit should be given to the Governor who has said at inception that the legacy of the past administration would be difficult to be beaten,  but I don’t think that should be a license not to have initiated any projects other than to be dishing out unstable statements at different times for people to hold the past government in a devilish image even when you have given enough credit to her. 

I think the government of the day has slept enough, the Governor as the captain needs to wake up to reality of what he was voted for. Enough of double standard statements everyday, enough of internal and 

Stephen Ola Ajimisan, another youth of Ondo extract said : 

“So far, he is still on the track. However, it will be subjective to start passing judgment now so we do not commit error of judgment.”

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One thought on “Ondo: Appraising Akeredolu’s 100 Days in Office 

  • June 4, 2017 at 10:36 am

    Objectively, Akeredolu has not done badly in 100 days. He came in as a Governor of a state at a time d economy of Nigeria is so bad that history has never had it this bad. There is nothing to his debit except inherited debts and liabilities.
    However, I want to advice and appeal to him to go extra miles and ensure d inherited backlog on salary is settled as No1 priority on his agenda. It is d soul that is alive that will enjoy developmental projects

    Oladele Olugbemi Ogunbameru
    State Secretary
    Ondo State SDP

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