When the foundation is faulty, the building cannot stand. This is true of every system that desires to be a lasting one. The Edo State political series with particular reference to the Edo State All Progressives Congress (Authentic APC) has once again premiered some new scenes which are rather disturbing.

Unfavorable times they say, is a true test of a man’s character and values. The events of yesterday (shadow primaries) were indeed a huge test of character and values of some of the aspirants hoping to represent the All Progressive Congress in 2020 Edo State Gubernatorial election.

A man who is a true symbol of integrity should be one who can be called up at any point in time to stand up for what he believes in. From what was witnessed yesterday, we can once again beat our chest in confidence and awe of a man we have placed in our sights in recent times.

Yesterday saw Engr. Chris Ogiemwonyi proving himself to be the real icon of integrity. A man who would frown at any instance or perceived instance of irregularities in a system is one that is rare to find. Stories from the grapevine have it that there were attempts to introduce some foul play into the process to produce a consensus candidate, but Engr. Chris Ogiemwonyi stepped in to save the day.

Rallying up fellow aspirants to protest against all forms of irregularities showed that Engr. Chris did not value his own emergence above the rule of law and propriety. His strong belief in the tenets of transparency and integrity is what moved him to do what most would not do.

Despite the fact that the odds were clearly in his favour, Engr. Chris did not mind foregoing the process in order to insist that the right thing must be done. We are tired of having men who would let impropriety and irregularities slide, simply because it favours them. We cannot allow a faulty system to produce a candidate and then have us pay dearly when the election comes upon us.

Chris Ogiemwonyi has proven for the umpteenth time that he is one that can be counted upon to rescue the downtrodden and stand tall in the face of any form of injustice.

From his actions, yesterday, Engr. Chris has made it clear that he cannot be a part of a process that reeks of unfairness, clandestine activities and blatant injustice. This is exactly the kind of man we deserve. One we can have faith in and trust his abilities to always stand up for what is right.

Party loyalty is one issue that has been raised time without number. This is because the party has suffered one too many times in the hands of individuals who end up biting the hands that fed them in the past. Once again, and without being forced to, Engr. Chris Ogiemwonyi has shown us why he is a true party man. A genuine party man would remain loyal to the tenets and core values of the party irrespective of how tight a situation he finds himself in.

Yesterday was a good opportunity that presented itself, and Engr. Chris had the option to take the highroad and cut corners to ensure things went in his favour, but instead, he opted to go for the tougher choice – which is to stand for justice and equity which are the fundamental principles upon which the All Principles Congress (APC) is built on.

Well, in truth, standing for justice and equity is not exactly a hard nut to crack for a man we now know as Mr. Integrity. Integrity, they have said abides in the DNA of the man.

I must remind you that posterity is keenly observant of this storyline as it plays out and even as the movie tape rolls on, the Edo people are watching. We see what is going on and we are paying special attention to the process.

We hope that the Party does the right thing and fix up the process. Fixing up a faulty process should then culminate in the adoption of a man who has proven himself to be tested and trusted – Engr. Chris Ogiemwonyi.

Promise Osahon writes from Benin City with a conviction stronger than ever, as he watches on and hopes dearly that the right thing is done to save the Edo State All Progressives Congress (Authentic APC) from impending doom – and quickly.

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