Nigerians Don’t Need To Know About Buhari’s Health – APC

The Lagos state All Progressives Congress Publicity Secretary, Dr. Joe Igbokwe has defended the secrecy on the details of the President’s health.

On a platform that hosted him on Channels TV this morning, the APC chieftain said the President had done the needful by transmitting power to the Vice-President, Yemi Osinbajo, who is now the Acting President and do not owe Nigerians any explanation to that effect.

He said:

“Nigerians do not need to know about the health of the President. He did the needful by transmitting power to the Vice-President and should be allowed to take care of himself.”

“We have an erudite scholars at the helm. A professor of law of finest traditions. So, let me have a break on this issue.”

On shrouding the details of the President’s health in secrecy, “doctors don’t disclose the conditions of patient’ health”, he said.

“The details of the President’s health is a private issue. The constitution does not state that it has to be revealed or not”, the APC secretary emphasized.

Similarly, the Charly Boy-led protesters were attacked at Wuse market, Abuja yesterday during their mobilization exercise by hoodlums.

Igbokwe condemned the mobilization of the anti-Buhari protesters at the largest market in Abuja. He said the ongoing protest is a political and unconstitutional demonstration.

He also accused the co-coverner of the protest, Deji Adeyanju of being political connected to People’s Democratic Party.

“What’s the business of these protesters at Wuse market?”

‘Why did they got there?’, he queried.

“But, politicians campaign in market, this is a different case”, he waving off the question of the journalist.

He continued:

“I see Deji Adeyanju’s tweets speaking for the PDP. This protest is political”, he claimed.

Notably, Deji Adeyanju was a one-time Publicity Secretary of People’s Democratic Party before he resigned from the party.

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