LAMENTATION AT 57 By Olumide Akinrinlola

All is not yet well with Nigeria after 57 years of independence.

At 57, infrastructural decadence is still on the high side. The roads are still very bad across the 36 states of the federation. Many federal and state roads have become death trap and as such, many have lost their lives due to the poor conditions of our roads. Lagos – Ore road has remained the same ever since I became a full grown Man.

Since independence, Nigeria did not have stable supply of electricity across board. This has become a yoke no president has ever broken till date. The situation has remained the same. No community in Nigeria can boast of 24 hours supply of electricity. It’s often an interrupted power supply, candle light, or total blackout in some major parts of the country.

No food, no pipe burned water .Nigeria cannot develop her agricultural sector. No drinkable government water in anyway since independence. Our scorecard in the importation foods and other commodities is considerably high. Malaysia as a country who visited us many years ago came to Nigeria to take Palm fruits for plantation. Today, Malaysia is the largest producer of palm oil and this contribute to 60% of their Gross Domestic product (GDP) while Nigeria is no where to be found.

Since 57 years ago, Nigeria does not have any made in Nigeria products. We are importing 80% of our basic commodities. We are importing our cars, refrigerators, television, computers, air conditioners etc. Even 60% of our furniture are being imported. It’s as bad as that.

While government officials are celebrating 57 years of Nigeria’s independent of a sovereign State, I am weeping in my closest for the reality of a country that thrive in corruption, nepotism, lawlessness, insecurity, poverty, inequality, double standard and propaganda which has been the cycle for years now.

A Nation that cannot provide employments for her own citizens. What then are we celebrating ?

Our leaders are celebrating 57 years of responsibility failure. They are celebrating the failed health sector. They are celebrating the failed power sector. They are celebrating the ill fated economy since independence.

They are celebrating the infrastructural decadence in the country. They are celebrating the inability of Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) in conducting free and failed election. And of course, they are celebrating the recycling of corruption where the monotonous set of leaders who started the country 57 years ago are still the same set of people presiding over the affairs of the country till today.

Nigeria at 57, What a failed Nation !

Pastor Olumide Akinrinlola is the national president of council of concerned youth of Nigeria (COCYON).

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