Just in: Nigerian Government to Ban Indiscriminate Smoking of Tobaccco

Dr. Nnena Ezeikwe, the Coordinator of the National Anti-tobacco Crusade and a Director in the federal Ministry of health has disclosed, that a bill is Presently in the National Assembly, to prohibit the smoking of cigarette in the Public and among Nigerians less than 18 years of Age.

She said this in the Abuja Station of the Nigerian Television Authority (NTAi), during a Program, ‘Nigeria Today.)’ few minutes ago.

While highlighting the health risks associated with smoking it, she noted that the manufacturers and importers are in a serious war against the successful passing of the bill in the National Assembly. Noting that they go to every length to stop the bill from getting passed into law.

She went further to say;

“They go everywhere in the National Assembly to track the progress on the regulation bill. They even give uniforms and money to people to go and protest against the bill, but you can be sure we are not going back on it”

According to her during the Program, Part of the items in the bill is to also increase taxation of the import and sales, stop Unregulated importation and ‘few sticks’ sales of tobacco. Thereby restricting the sales and smoking to only specified locations.

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