Yoruba Race knows when, where and how to fight. They could be troublesome and confrontational to achieve their Targets, Yorubas will never embark on a struggle that will further harden the conditions of her citizenry.

Many battles had been fought and won by the Yorubas in the past. Many will still be fought and won in the future.

The battles of Yorubas are not fought to turn the people against the Government; it is fought to achieve a Specific Objective.

Though the Yorubas can handle Guns, these you will not see with them. They can handle Cutlasses, you will not see them fighting with cutlasses. They can handle other materials meant for war and violence, average Yorubas will not do that. Rather, they fight with their intelligence by putting reasonable arguments forward for the public and the International communities to reason along with them.

Yoruba don’t fight for financial gains. They fight to achieve a set goal.

Yorubas will never involve illiteracy and mediocrity in the qualities of the persons who will front for their agitation. If you are not Fawehinmi-like, Falana-like, Afe-Babalola-like, Fasehun-like, FelaKuti-like, etc., Yorubas will never allow you to fight their causes. These are independent-minded and intelligent people that can neither be influenced with money nor intimidation. No amount of Juicy Positions you can offer them that will change their minds against their people yet, they will never prepare their followers for WAR.

Yorubas didn’t go to war when June 12th 1993 Presidential Election won by their illustrious son Chief MKO Abiola was annulled on June 23rd 1993 by IBB, yet hey fought to express their feelings.

Yoruba didn’t go to war when Abiola’s wife, Alhaja Kudirat Abiola was murdered in Lagos in the morning of Jun 4th 1996, yet a lot if peaceful protests were embarked upon to express their disappointment on the Nation’s Insecurity.

Yoruba didn’t go to war when the winner of that historic election was poisoned on July 7th 1998, yet a lot were done to tell the Federal Government that they were angered.

Yorubas, in actual sense, rejected Chief Ernest Shonekan when IBB made him to head the interim government in 1993 and OBJ when imposed as President, yet they believed going to War was not the solution.

Yoruba race is so unique that they have never been slaves to public office and yet they have remained number one in Nigeria in almost everything. This is knowledge, wisdom and strategic thinking at work.

When GEJ marginalized Yoruba in his cabinet for five years despite the effort of Yoruba Race to make him president, Yorubas didn’t threaten anybody, they didn’t abuse anybody, they simply fought in a peaceful & civilized way to effect a change in 2015 using their PVC.

Fasola heads 3 ministries & referred to as prime minister in some parlance, Kemi Adeosun heads finance, Fayemi heads mines etc. That’s how to fight for relevance in multi faceted country like Nigeria & not taking up arm against everybody.

Yorubas didn’t go to war when many negative things happened to them yet they realized the PRESIDENCY that happened to be their Target for years.

This same Presidency of Nigeria is the target of IPOB, not Biafra. Biafra was just used as a charade to achieve their goal. The only unfortunate things is that, touts were allowed by the elites of IPOB to fight their cause.

No reasonable Government will listen to the arguments of the thugs. The Elites have to take the lead and negotiate with the Government what you want, without going to War.

I advise the IPOB to learn from the strategies and modalities of the Yorubas who despite not carrying guns, cutlasses, machetes, and other swords, still able to achieve their GOAL reasonably.

Thank you!

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