Dieziani’s Case Wouldn’t Be Capitalised If she Was A Man – Chimamanda

The Nigerian author, Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie, has spoken on the ever trending allegation of looting by the former minister of petroleum, Diezani Alison Madueke.

She condemned Nigerians for the manner in which former Minister of
Petroleum Resources, Diezani Madueke is being criticized for fraud allegations.

According to her, Dieziani’s case would not be capitalised if she was a man because stealing money is a norm practised by Nigerian politicians.

While speaking at the University of Edinburgh, the author, who is also a feminism advocate stated that it is assumed stealing is for men while women are to act like angels which has in no way helped the former Minister’s case.

She said: “We shouldn’t assume, that because a person is born a woman, that person is somehow is just one step lower than an angel.

“I find it quite dehumanizing for women because what is means is that women cannot be judged on the same terms as men.

“I remember once a politician in Nigeria who was a woman and had stolen money which is an exercise most Nigerian politicians are very adept at.

“She was pilloried, I remember a journalist saying ”And she’s a woman”.

“Somehow the assumption was it will be better if she was a man because then Nigerians would not judge her harshly since we expect men to steal.

“I think the idea of women being another specie of angel is bad for both women and men because it makes the standards uneven. I dream of a world in which women are seen as women where women are allowed to be many things.”

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