Court Sentences Christian To Death For Insulting Islam On Whatsapp

James Nadeem, a Christian man has been sentenced to death in

the eastern Punjab province of Pakistan after he was found guilty of insulting Islam’s Prophet.

Fox News quoted the defense lawyer Riaz Anjum as saying that the judge announced the verdict on Saturday a day earlier in the city of Gujrat.

Anjum said the 35-year-old James, was arrested last year after he sent a poem to his Muslim friend on WhatsApp.

Under Pakistan’s blasphemy laws, anyone accused of insulting Islam can be sentenced to death.

Domestic and international human rights groups say these laws are often misused to settle personal scores and target minorities.

In 2015, Muslims beat to death a Christian couple and burned their bodies in a brick kiln for allegedly desecrating the Quran.

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One thought on “Court Sentences Christian To Death For Insulting Islam On Whatsapp

  • September 17, 2017 at 6:41 am

    This is barbaric, sometime I wonder the type of religion they call relgions of peace but killing others for the sake of religion does constitute a sin, while in Christianity taking your own life is a sin not to talk of others, May God save the soul of as many that are yet to come to knowledge of Christ and the sacrifice he made for them in Jesus name.

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