Clergy Drops Shocking Prophecies, Gives Date For Nigeria To Fall Apart

Primate Elijah Ayodele, the head and founder of Inri Evangelical Spiritual Church has again made some prophecies about the case of Nigeria.

On the ongoing secession agitations at different corners of the country, the Seer mentioned that the disintegration of Nigeria cannot be held back any government in Nigeria at the set time for it.

However, he said five different and unequal nations will emerge from the country, Nigeria by 2035.

“No government can stop the disintegration of Nigeria. Only God can stop it. Note my words: only God can stop Nigeria’s disintegration, but it is not yet time.

“By 2035, Nigeria will be no more. Five nations will come out of the country. Two will be greater than three”.

On the other hand, the Primate Ayodele also advised mega Churches to alongside the government invest in Agriculture at this time.

“The agriculture sector must be taken seriously and strengthened. Churches with many parishes should invest in

“Many young churches are struggling. Mega churches should be encouraged to go into agriculture. Churches are to help people. That is what we are doing. Churches must get involved in mechanised farming.”

At the end, he made a comment on crude oil, as the most relied on in Nigeria.

Giving a time-frame of 10 years from now, he suggested that attention should be diverted from crude oil while changes are effected in the Central Bank of Nigeria as well.

“There should be changes in the Central Bank of Nigeria. The
same thing should be done to the NNPC. Nigeria’s oil will not
exist in 10 years time. The quality of our oil will drop”, he ended.

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One thought on “Clergy Drops Shocking Prophecies, Gives Date For Nigeria To Fall Apart

  • September 25, 2017 at 2:15 pm

    Don’t pray for Nigeria division, let’s us pray together for her. unity and progress.

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