Buhari Must Not Resign, Nigeria Needs Him For Political Stability – Ade Adeogun

Mr. Ade Adeogun is an Illustrious Son of Oba Akoko in Akoko South West Local Government Area of Ondo State. He is a mentor to many Nigerian youths in Leadership and Entrepreneurship. In this interview with Akinyemi Doyinsola, he Analysed Social, political and Economic Issues in Ondo State and Nigeria at large.


You seem to be a new comer in Ondo politics, can you tell us your history in politics?

Relatively new. My foray into partisan politics began in 2013 after the registration of the All Progressives Congress.

The government of the day in Ondo State is less than six months old, what’s your assessment of the administration?

The process of formation of government is ongoing so it would be premature to judge the performance of the government. However, given some fantastic initiatives that have been taken like the Memorandum of Understanding with NDDC to construct a road to link the Southern part of the state directly to Lagos as well as the deal to collaborate with FUTA for the establishment of a technology hub in Akure, I can say safely that the necessary foundation for economic development of the state is being put in place.

The absence of President Muhammad Buhari due to ill health is over 70 days now, what can you say about this?

It is unfortunate that ill health has robbed the nation of the expected vibrancy of our president. It only shows that man proposes and God disposes. I am sure President Buhari does not wish to be ill. Anyway, it is a good thing that he acted according to the constitution and handed power to Vice President (Ag. President) Osinbajo

Do you think Mr. President should resign?

Is Nigerian democracy matured enough for that? Will his resignation create stability? Let’s be serious!! We need PMB for political stability given the fragile nature of our country now.

Looking at the agitation for secession by some pro-Biafra groups vis-a-vis the ultimatum by northern youths, do you think Nigeria can survive this?

Have you noticed that the Biafran agitation reduced after the ultimatum? It shows that even those who were sympathetic to the Biafran agitation do not want to leave Nigeria. Truth be told, all the separatist agitations across the nation are basically calls for better quality of life and better governance. If you look carefully you will notice that separatist agitations are being fuelled by people on the Southern side of the economic divide. Those who have nothing to lose from the fragmentation of Nigeria. Did you notice too that the National Assembly waived aside the provision for restructuring whilst considering the report of the constitutional review committee? I can assure you that this too shall pass. We will overcome this phase and become stronger.

The recent calls for restructuring has been greeted with different reactions from major stakeholders, what’s your take on this?

I am pro Nigeria. Assuming we restructure (whatever that means) will that change the greed among the political class? Will restructuring wipe away all the wickedness in the hearts of the people? Look around the existing federation get units including Ekiti that is supposed to be the most homogenous state in Nigerian, can you see any evidence of excellence? Our problem is not in the structure of Nigeria but the inadequacies of our leaders.

An Aide of Governor Akeredolu Recently used some Unguided words to qualify A monarch in Akoko and some Yoruba Leaders, what is your take on this sir?

I am aware that this aide issued a rebuttal in which he mentioned that he had a personal conversation with the said monarch. Since I was not a witness to the alleged incident I will give that gentleman the benefit of a doubt. I chose to believe his rebuttal.

As a man that God has blessed with many good things of life, in what ways have you served the people with this?

I established Brentonwoods & Trinity Foundation a few years ago as a platform to mentor and empower young leaders, started Ade Adeogun Foundation with specific aim of using it as a machinery for economic empowerment of youths in Akoko. These foundations have been veritable tools for interventions in education, youth empowerment and communal development and mentoring. I know that I am a role model to many young people hence I Started a leadership blog ade adeogun.com to maintain conversation with youths and to mentor them into excellence. For me, empowerment is not just about providing financial and material support to people, but creating avenues for younger people to achieve the best possible life outcomes.

2019 is around the corner and Many People are speculating that you will contest in Ondo state, what’s your aspiration?

If people are speculating about my aspirations i assume it’s because I remained active in the political space, meeting the needs of our people after most politicians went into hibernation. Truth be told I am providing leadership and setting new benchmark of expectation among our people, so if they desire that I put my experiences at their disposal I will oblige.

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  • August 7, 2017 at 8:41 am

    When people are seeking for political relevance, they say all sorts of nonsense thinking all Nigerians are fool. Do we have any political stability ever since Buhari became the president of Nigeria???

    • August 7, 2017 at 10:12 pm

      @Ibilola,u can conveniently answer d question dat u raised urself.Get interviewed if u can 2 seek relevance,too.Ade’s definition of political stability wt d retention of PMB may be different 4rm ur perspective, but dat ur submission abt him is myopic n a reflection of ur personality.

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