As Buhari Continues To Bring Back Our Girls _ by Abidoye Olatunji FREEMANDATE

There were so many other issues which I had wanted to write on this week (being the maiden publication); the failure of Vice-President Yemi Osibanjo led panel to submit its report on the suspended SGF, and the embattled Director NIA, last week as promised by one the panel member, the Irony called- ‘Against The Run Of Play’, the conspicuous and continued absence of president Muhammed Buhari at the Federal Executive Council,

the unending crisis rocking the People’s Democratic Party and its impacts on the nation’s democracy, the untold story of Ikoyi’s residence haul of cash saga, ‘who is the presidency?’, ‘I don’t like money’ and ‘I don’t have a bank account’. But I’m so overwhelmed with excitement over the ‘safe’ release of another set kidnapped Chibok girls.

I felt it was only proper and natural to solidarise with the freed Chibok girls and their family, commend the leadership of the Nigeria’s Army, salute the doggedness of our gallant troops, and most importantly laud the political will of president Muhammadu Buhari who secured the release of these girls with a stroke of his pen. It would be recalled these girls were kidnapped by the dread Islamist sect infamously known as Boko Haram during the last administration, then president Good Luck Jonathan reluctantly acknowledged the abduction of 306 Chibok girls.

However, it must be stressed that the federal government should intensify further efforts to secure the release of the remaining Chibok girls still in the captivity of Boko Haram. No matter what it took to get these girls out of the hook of their abductors, I think credits should go to the Nigerian Federal government, nothing is too big sacrifice for their freedom. By the same token, we should not forget the roles of the Bring Back Our Girls. (BBOG) group who have mounted local and global pressures on past and present government’s for the release of these kidnapped girls. I think their tireless campaigns, sustained agitation to keep the release of Chibok girls in the minds of government officials until every one of them are released, have also paid off. Though federal government must not rest on its oars.Of course, this is the best deal by the Buhari led administration however its cost.

No amount will be too much (if the federal government ever paid for their release) for the lives of these girls held in captivity for no fault of theirs. Although, unconfirmed source reported that the federal government of Nigeria swapped the detained Boko Haram kingpins with 82 freed Chibok girls, if this account is indeed correct- it’s no big deal ! America did a closely similar thing under Barack Obama government to secure the release of one soldier,how much more 82 girls.

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