Many Trapped As Another Four-Storey Building Collapses in Uyo

A four-storey building has collapsed in Uyo, Akwa Ibom State, leaving some people trapped inside the rubble.

The incident happened at Iman Street, off Aka Road, Uyo.

The building, it was gathered, was supposed to be a six-storey building. The contractors were on the fourth floor when it collapsed.

Residents of the area, who gathered around the scene of the collapsed structure, appeared unable to help the situation.

Some of them took to Facebook to post photos and video of the incident. They appealed to the authorities to act quickly in order to save lives.

In a Facebook live feed, a man said, “Wey my brother dey? Wey my brother dey?” (Where is my brother?)

A woman, who has a fashion shop nearby, said her shop and other shops had been destroyed by the impact.

Another man, who has a wine shop nearby, said three people may have been trapped inside the rubble.

“From what I am seeing here, it doesn’t seem that the materials used for the construction of the building was okay,” said a popular Akwa Ibom radio presenter, Mc Governor, who was doing the live feeds.

“Look at the rod, 8mm, used in constructing a six-storey building! Now, lives have been lost.”

The State Fire Service arrived the scene around 7:50 p.m, but were unable to rescue those trapped.

“They (the fire service) were looking for an excavator,” Mc Governor told Premium Time.

Many people were killed in Uyo in 2016 when a church building collapsed.

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