TRENDING VIDEO: ‘Buhari Should Allow Me Lead Hunters, Army To Sambisa’ – Nigerian Lawmaker

Honorable Gudaji Kazaure,
representing Jigawa state, is very convinced he can capture the Boko Haram members, whom he called ‘idiots’ and he is appealing to President Muhammadu Buhari allow him have his way.

In a video currently trending online, he is seen to have believed in himself as a professional hunter who knows everywhere around the bushes in Sambisa, known to be the terrorists’ hideout.

“Let the president appoint me; I will delegate a team to go inside the bush with myself to finish those idiots,” he

“I am a hunter. I know all these bushes. I am a professional hunter. I can delegate a team of hunters.

“Let the government give us Army and Police, we will go inside that bush. I will lead it. Even if it is tomorrow, I will
lead”, he said.

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This confidence portrayed in above video came at the heels of Boko Haram massacre on the Nigerian Army that ended bloody for the national force.

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