I ran into the water, he followed behind wrapping me in his arms. I struggled to get myself out and immediately bent low to get some water but he was faster. I was already soaked by the splashes he made. As he ran out of the water, I

chased him immediately. My legs were becoming too heavy for me to lift so I fell to the ground. I was already out of strength. We have been at the beach almost half of the day. He stood afar off laughing at me like a baby who was been tickled constantly. I tried lifting myself off the ground pretending to have twisted one of my ankles, he still stood still laughing, but this time it was harder. It pained me that I could not have him fall for my trick. He eventually came close to lift me up. Our bodies were so close as he pulled me up, starring straight into my eyes. I felt butterflies in my stomach as he planted a kiss on my lips burying my lips in his mouth.
While we strolled back to meet our friends whom we came along with to the beach, we discussed our wedding program, I could picture myself in my glowing white flowing wedding dress, with my father holding me by my hands as he walked me down to the altar. My lips parted ways, revealing my perfectly arranged white set of teeth, he smiled too. Greg knew me almost perfectly.
The D-day came, he was standing at the altar and watched make walk down with my hand in my father’s as we walked towards them. I could not hide my joy while I stood opposite him to exchange our vows. Hot tears ran effortlessly down my cheek like a ball rolling down a slope. I had longed for this day all my life since I met Greg. “You may kiss the bride”, the priest announced, as our lips were about to touch each other’s, my leg felt warm as my mum tapped it.
Rebecca wake up, she ordered.
Reluctantly, I struggled to lift myself off the bed burying my face in my palm. Was I to feel happy, or was I supposed to feel sad, I guess I felt both. I saw Greg again, I felt happy, the marriage, his laughter, his voice, memories of the beach…. It all got me sad because it was only but a dream. I could not be with Greg anymore. It has been two years since Greg died now. He had a minor fall and passed away afterwards. He was my first love. We were childhood friends and dated for over 8 years. Moving on has been quite difficult. This thing they say about first love sha, I hope I forget and move on finally.

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