My Suspension is Scandalus, Illegal, Irritating and Morally Reprehensible; It Won’t Stand _ D.I kekemeke

The Chairman of the All Progressive Congress in Ondo state, Hon. D.I Kekemeke has reacted to the announcement of a ‘vote of no confidence’ on him, by a section of the Party’s State executive. In a statement tittled;

“THEIR SO CALLED VOTE OF NO CONFIDENCE” made available to NIGERIAN CABLE NEWS, he made it know that the suspension is illegal, and that it will not stand.

Here is the Press statement unedited;


I have been informed through calls by friends / associates and the social media that some members of the state executive committee of the party met in an hotel in Akure and purportedly passed a vote of no confidence on me – the only elected state officer – and have asked that Mr Ade Adetimehin my adopted deputy acts as chairman.

This scandalous and irritating move prompted by ” a promise of pot of porridge for the action” by a segment of party executive, though not unexpected beats the imagination of many reasonable party people and non-party to victory.

Sincerely I wish I did not have to react to this remote controlled, illegal and morally reprehensible conduct of some rancorous elements in the State executive, who had on many occasions traveled this ignoble path without success. Honestly some of those guys who am told are acting this shameful script can never imagine how happy, peaceful and mentally relieving I should feel, being free from having to deal or associate with them as members of my team.

Considering however, the many numerous calls and pleas from a wide spectrum of alienated party members who have expressed satisfaction and appreciation for our tedious pioneering efforts alongside others that earned our party victory through the 2015 to 2016 elections, I will respond for the collective good and health of our party. In the mean time I urge for calmness amongst party members, as well will take sober and appropriate steps to redirect the Party.

Hon D I kekemeke

State Chairman
APC, Ondo State

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One thought on “My Suspension is Scandalus, Illegal, Irritating and Morally Reprehensible; It Won’t Stand _ D.I kekemeke

  • June 4, 2017 at 9:01 am

    I plead with all and sundry to please allow peace to reign in Ondo State. There is always a stunted growth where there is disunity. You all worked assiduously for the victory of your party on 26th November, 2016. Sharing positions and dividends of victory should not constitute impediment to peace and unity except where it is based on primordial selfishness. I know for sure that the room is large enough to accommodate all including me if you are not selfish. Please, allow peace to reign in Ondo State, reverse the suspension

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