QUEEN ELIZABETH: Why Nigerians Must Stop Blaming Britain over Setbacks – Ikubese

Former Presidential aspirant and convener of the YesWeFit revolutionary movement, Dr. Thomas-Wilson Ikubese has urged Nigerians to stop blaming the British government for the leadership setbacks and stunted growth of the country, using the excuse of past slave trades and colonization.

Ikubese spoke through a statement in reaction to the opinions expressed by some Nigerians over the passing away of Queen Elizabeth II, after a 70 years rein at the age of 96.

While many opined that there’s is no reason to join the British government in mourning the late monarch, Ikubese said Nigerians should put the past behind and move on. While adding that the development of the country should be their priority and topmost interested.

Below is the statement as obtained by Nigeriancablenewsonline.com unedited:


Yesterday, the world was hit with the news of the passing away of Queen Elizabeth II of the United Kingdom at the age of 96, after reigning for 70years

Like several other sympathizers across the world, I posted so on my page, in condolence with the British monarchy

A fellow came inbox shortly thereafter, reeling out to me how the British colonized and impoverished our people.

He was inadvertently accusing me of celebrating the monarch who sat atop the slavery and oppression of our fore-fathers!

Ok, the slave trade era distorted the organic trajectory of the black race. Agreed

That was decades ago.

The world has since moved on…

Why are we finding it difficult to move on and develop our continent ever since?

Why do we jettison progressives with youthful and revolutionary ideas that will transform our nations and vote rather for recycled, corrupt politicians?

Is it the British that taught us to collect money at our polling units before casting our ballots for the highest bidder?

Is it the British that taught General Abacha to loot billions of dollars and launder same in foreign accounts to the detriment of Nigerians?

Is it the British that taught our leaders to re-loot the returned loots?

The British granted Nigeria independence in 1960. Over sixty years after, we remain an embarrassment to the black race as our leaders continue to pursue personal, religious and ethnic interests, rather than national interest.

Yet, we turn around and blame the white man for our predicament!

When you have someone to blame always for your woes, your thinking faculty goes to sleep. This is the law of responsibility.

Let’s take responsibility for the future of our nation and let the British be.

Yes, they took advantage of us. But our leaders are doing even worse today!

Rather than sleep on the blame beds of yesteryears, let’s create a new enclave, where leaders are elected on their merits and not on the basis of tribe, religion or financial inducements, lest we continue to wail, while the rest of the world leave us behind.

Thomas-Wilson Ikubese
9th September, 2022

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