OAU students’ Congress Ends in Riot Over Controversial Bus Purchase

A congress of Obafemi Awolowo University Student’s Union ended with pandemonium Yesterday June 27, 2017. As students insisted that the President should step aside, when issues concerning the newly Purchased bus were to be discussed.

The congress, which started, around 5:00pm, at the OAU amphitheater ended Prematurely, as the students rented the air with “STEP ASIDE”. Disapproving Oyekan Ibukun, the Students’ union President from being the moderator of the Congress, after the suspension of the Speaker and acting speaker of the union.
However, instead of yielding to students demand, the President refused to step aside and also declared the Congress closed. The closure of the Congress led to an uproar, with Students calling him “ole” thief. Oyekan Ibukun was guilded by the Students’ union security committee, as he forced his way out of a mob of students, trying to Prevent his exist.
Students later gathered in front of the students Union building, insisting that the President must come out and face questioning, concerning the Bus he single handedly bought for the Union.

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