JUST IN: Charlie Boy Leads Massive Protest In Abuja, Demand Buhari’s Resignation

The renowned singer and social activist, Charles Oputa a.k.a Charlie Boy has joined a crowd of people to protest in Abuja today and demand the resignation of President Muhammadu Buhari.

The organization, Concerned Nigerians today, August 7 converged at the Unity Fountain in Abuja urging the president to either resume duty or resign.

One of the group’s leaders Deji Adeyanju said members of the Concerned Nigerians intends marching to the Presidential Villa to demand the resignation of the President.

Adeyanju also said the protest will continue tomorrow with a sit-out at the Unity Fountain until the president either returns or resigns.

He added that the sit-out will continue daily from 9 am to 10 am.

“The president cannot continue to remain in London infinitum. Osinbajo cannot continue to function as an Acting President Infinitum.

“You can imagine what happened after the Anambra attack, the Presidency issued a statement, they did not allow Osinbajo to take charge.

Same with the Sallah celebration, they also released an audio in Hausa for all Nigerians. Osinbajo was not allowed to take charge. They are holding the country to ransom. It is not by force to remain a president. It is also time for Section 144 is activated.

Snapping picture is not a prerequisite for fitness we must as a matter of urgency call on the president to resume or resign,” Adeyanju said.

Also speaking at the protest, the leader of the group, ‘Charly Boy’
Oputa said: “Our Mumu Don Do.”

Charly Boy added that he was at the protest to demand the resumption or resignation of the President.

Before now, Charlie Boy alongside Sowore Omoyele, the owner of Sahara Reporter had once protested under the IStandWithNigeria at a time like this when the President was absent in this year.

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