EXCLUSIVE: 5 Key Things President Buhari Should Do On His Return

As we all welcome President Buhari after spending over 100 days in London for medical follow-up.

The President had left the shores of Nigeria since May 7, having transmitted all Executive powers to Vice-President Yemi Osinbajo, a pastor and professor of law.

Undoubtedly, several incidents have occurred in the stead of President Buhari while some of the dramatic turnouts demand his urgent reactions as he returns today.

Address on #ResumeorResign:
First, on media trailing event since Buhari’s absence remains the agitations for either his resumption or resignation as the President. It was accordingly straight that the President should reveal his health status and this protest convened by ace musician, Charles Oputa (a.k.a Charly Boy) commanded public attention across many spheres within and outside Nigeria. The UK-based Nigerian, Chidi Cali continued the protest from where Charly Boy’s drew the curtain in Nigeria.
The President is expected to reveal the reason for that long stay in London – either by disclosing his health status or any other means- prompting Nigerians to create uproar over his continued absence and make a statement on the Charly Boy’s led Abuja protest.

A Word On The Posed National Humiliation From International Media:
In the times of President’s recuperating moments in London, the British Broadcasting Corporation, BBC in a way, humiliated the condition of Nigeria over Buhari’s health via its Quiz on the channels Television station asking: “In which of the country has the Head of State and Government not stepped foot after 50 days”; highlighting answer as Nigeria.

President Buhari will do well to pacify Nigerians by promptly reacting against this mockery that could threaten Nigeria’s diplomatic strength in the international sphere in order to truncate any possibility of such in posterity.

Declare Intention Over 2019 Election:
Aside all highlighted, it is worthy of note that President Buhari-led government has rule Nigeria in its way for more than two years. It’s about time the 74-year-old President declared intentions to run a second-time in office by 2019 or not so that, Nigerians’ curiosity over his ambition be fully satisfied. To add, some politicians are already canvassing to vie for that Presidency’s seat while some wish President Buhari could attempt running again.

Cabinet Reshuffle:
The Presidency has been channeling efforts to reshuffle cabinets in a while now. Some offices and portfolios have been allowed vacuum for too long. The President will therefore be justified in putting the right peck in the right holes if this is done to ensure effectiveness and deliver the long-awaited change in the last two years of this APC-led Federal Government.

Quit Notice:
Nigeria, with over 170 million citizens and several ethnic groups, is on the verge of collapse as the clamor for secession is more resonant than ever before. The Hausa Arewa Group issued a Quit Notice to Igbo community in Hausa lands and the Ndigbo community is also not slacking over this. Similarly, Nnamdi Kanu-led Biafrans are still agitating for Biafra Republic while there’s a tendency of Yoruba Republic. All of these threaten the spirit of national oneness of Nigeria and woos for an urgent intervention of President Muhammadu Buhari.

By: Ogunjobi Gabriel Ayodeji

Here are just few of the many expectations the citizens of Nigeria hoped for in President Buhari, as curated by our correspondent at Nigeriancablenews.com

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