President Muhammadu Buhari refused to commiserate with the family of the 40 victims of Fulani herdsmen who were killed yesterday in Plateau State. Both women and children were slaughtered like animals by the Fulani herdsmen, the president’s kinsmen.

Instead of issuing a stern statement to condemn the attack and give ultimatum to security Chiefs to fish out the perpetrators of this dastardly act and the gruesome murder of our Christian brethren, the President gave statement that there must not be any reprisal attack against the Fulani herdsmen without any commiseration message.

I am very sure if the Fulani herdsmen were the victims of the incident that occurred, the President would have commanded all security Chiefs to arrest the perpetrators by issuing a deadline for such arrest .

This is the highest level of nepotism I have ever seen in my life in Nigeria. Is it because those they killed were Christians or because the Fulanis are his kinsmen? The President did not even commiserate with the family of the bereaved. He was very curious about reprisal attack instead of consoling the family and asking police to go after the evil doers.

I agreed with the president base on his personal sentiments that there must not be a reprisal attack but I must also condemn his unnecessary culture of silence and his body language over the activities of these Fulani herdsmen who have turned themselves to another virus spreading so fast in killing the people across the 36 states of Nigeria.

They seem to have become untouchable under the administration of President Buhari. We have never heard about any cases of their arrest or prosecution since they start killing people like fowls under this administration.

Do we also need to remind president Buhari that he has responsibility to protect lives and properties as president of federal Republic of Nigeria.

Isn’t it too obvious that the president is playing nepotism with the killing of innocent people in plateau by his kinsmen?

When will president Buhari repent from nepotism?

Pst Olumide Olumide is the National President of Council of Concerned Youth of Nigeria (COCYON)

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