BREAKING: Paris Club Refund: Ondo Workers Pass Vote Of No Confidence On Leaders

Civil servants in Ondo State have passed a vote of no confidence on their leaders over the alleged insincere handling of the Paris Club refund with the state government.

Reports say the workers have distanced themselves from the stand of the union leaders over the payment of the 80 percent of the 2016 September salary arrears.

Organized labour had described the 80 percent paid by the state government as a gift.

While the union leaders, are threatening total showdown with the government, some of the workers are of the view that the union leaders have not been fair to the state government, which has not owed them since the current administration assumed power on February 24, 2016.

The workers queried the stance of their leaders when the immediate past administration led by Dr. Olusegun Mimiko owed them seven months without reasonable action.

Already, the workers have been circulating text messages asking their colleagues to ignore the union leaders and their proposed strike.

Some of the messages read: “ONDO WORKERS SHINE YOUR EYES! Don’t allow greedy union leaders to use you to fester their nest.

“Iroko owed us many months and they did not strike because he settled them.

“Aketi has not owed us since he assumed office. The 80% paid as 2016 September salary was due to cash deficit and he informed the union leaders.

“He will pay workers their right due. Construction and rehabilitation of road network is ongoing state-wide. Aketi is working to take Ondo State to next level.

“Say no to strike! Say no to selfish union leaders!! Let us join hands to build Ondo State!!!. Kindly inform others.” SENDER: OSWP.

A worker with the Ministry of Culture, Adetobi Akande described the labour leaders as insincere set of people and vowed to mobilise other like mind colleagues for a total vote of no confidence on the labour leaders.

A Grade level 10 civil servant, who craved anonymity, urged the state government not to take the union leaders serious.

He said they have exchanged their birthright for a pot of porridge during the last administration immediately they openly declared for Mimiko during the 2012 governorship election in the state.

“We know them very well; some of them are living larger than their salaries . I know one of the union leaders, who is on level eight and has been buying cars for his girlfriends. He should explain to us where he got such money from.

“What they want is the continuation of how they are benefiting largesse from previous administration. They are toothless dogs, they cannot bites. We workers are not behind them”

In her reaction, the Ondo state NLC Chairman, Bose Daramola described the workers calling for their head as faceless. ” We don’t know them, they should come out and face us with facts and figures.” She said

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