Babangida Breaks Silence On Biafrans Agitation

The Former Head of State, General Ibrahim Babangida has spoken over the surrounding agitations in the south east
region of the country.

In his statement towards the celebration of the Independence Day of Nigeria, which is tomorrow, Babangida called for peace in Nigeria instead of availing the tendency for war or secession.

He said:

“Peace remains the best option in resolving conflicts and agitations in the country, adding that recent conflicts and agitations, chanting slogan of war and hate speeches are derailing the nation’s development and unity,” he said in a statement released on Saturday to acknowledge the country’s
independence, which is tomorrow.

“As an active participant in the Civil War and a retired military officer, with the hard lesson learnt, I will never be tired on calling for the oneness and unity of our great nation. We will forever be ready to sacrifice for a united and prosperous Nigeria whenever the need arises.

“During our tenure in government we deliberately formulated policies, programmes, projects and even the creation of states to further weaken unwholesome agitations for secession and promote mutual and peaceful coexistence devoid of ethnic, religious and regional discriminations.”

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One thought on “Babangida Breaks Silence On Biafrans Agitation

  • September 30, 2017 at 7:09 pm

    IBB make sense on this… He should continue to air his opinion in national issues.

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